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Mauritius, a volcanic island where dodos and giant tortoises once roamed, offers plenty to do with its colonial houses, tea plantations, Indian temples, markets and hiking trails in endemic forests. A famous botanic garden, animal parks and nature walks or the national park beckon. From the hotels on white coral sand beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops there are numerous water activities including swimming with dolphins and walking underwater. Mauritius is rich in endemic diversity with a fusion of French, Indian, Creole and Chinese peoples.
Mauritius & Reunion
Reunion Island
A mere 45 minute flight from Mauritius, the French island of Réunion offers a distinct contrast to its better known neighbour. A little piece of France in the tropics, this World Heritage site captures nature at its most diverse. With colourful villages surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of green trees and sugar cane plantations impressive canyons, lava fields, active volcanoes and dramatic waterfalls, Réunion is a most memorable destination. Taking a helicopter ride over the cirques and volcano, and a 4WD tour of the south is a must.
Mauritius and Reunion - Two Islands in the western Indian Ocean
Mauritius is less developed and commercialised than Reunion and is more relaxed and casual. Reunion is a department of France and hence, a member of the European Union so it suffers from more rules and regulations than Mauritius, although it benefits from greater investment and grants from the EU. Mauritius has influences from India, Africa, Madagascar & Europe. English is the official language taught at schools but most people are fluent in Creole & French with English being the less natural language. French is the native language in Reunion with a lower percentage of the population speaking English. (click on any photo in the website to see larger versions and slideshows) www.novatravels.net