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>The Medieval Capital of


Located 27 km from Vilnius, Trakai, the historical capital of ancient Lithuania is encircled by several lakes and is interesting with its wooden architecture, medieval castles, and magnificent scenery. Trakai has residencies of past Lithuanian Grand Dukes, Peninsula Castles, karaites ethnography as well as sacred exhibitions. As Venice or Saint-Petersburg it was built on the water, but in comparison with its colleagues Trakai doesn’t have any outlet to the sea. Trakai is the only town in all Eastern Europe situated on an island. It’s surrounded by 5 lakes: Galve, Skaistis,  Luka, Totorishkiu and Akmena On an island in Galves Lake there is a 14th century red brick castle which now houses the History Museum. At the end of the 14th-15th century Trakai castle was a summer residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. The medieval character of Trakai is used by numerous knights’ clubs that regularly organize their tournaments