Death in Vietnam
 Viet Graves  Thai Grave  Cotu Tomb  Giarai Tomb 

I do not profess to be any expert on Funerals, however, I was greatly intrigued about the subject during my recent visit to Vietnam. To read more about our Vietnam trip click here
Vietnam is a nation of motorcyclists with relatively few cars. Hanoi alone, has a population of 3.5 million with 2 million motorbikes. It is not unusual to see heavy or large sized loads being transported by motorcycle and I was rather bemused to see a motorcyclist carrying a coffin. I wonder if it was empty!
The rather elaborate colourful coffins are made by the local carpenter as one of his many products, which also include large wooden lounge furniture.
Village Carpenter's shop
Transporting a coffin

86% of the population are Viet (Kinh). The remainder of the population are minority ethnic tribes with their own customs, costume and differing house styles, which are constructed from wood, in some cases wood and mud. Over 80% of the population are non religious, 10% Buddhist and 7% Catholic. 20% of the population are below the poverty level yet the Vietnamese appear to be very contented with their simple life.