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China and Mongolia Land of Dynasties

Hotels and Ger Camps

Hotel Chao, Beijing

Amazing hotel very close to Sanlitun centre We   stayed   on   three   occasions   during   our   trip to   China   and   Mongolia.   We   had   a   king   room on   the   17th   floor,   which   was   large   and   mod - ern   yet   very   elegant   with   a   complimentary bar    of    soft    drinks    and    beers.    Very    helpful staff      with      excellent,      friendly      customer approach. A   great   innovative   breakfast   menu   from   the normal    hotel    buffet.    The    reception    staff speak English but the waiters are no so profi - cient. Overall a wonderful stay.

Seerco Hotel Huanglong

The   hotel   is   perfectly   located   within   a   few minutes    walking    distance    of    the    cable    car station   and   is   surrounded   by   beautiful   land - scape.    It’s    an    ugly    building    but    beautiful inside       with       very       comfortable       rooms, although   there   are   no   non-smoking   rooms so   its   bad   luck   if   you   stay   after   a   smoker.   The staff   are   friendly   but   don’t   speak   any   English (except   for   a   few   day   time   reception   staff). The   breakfast   was   very   Chinese   and   rather unusual   to   a   western   person   –   hot   fruit   juice, hot   milk   or   hot   sweetened   coffee   in   a   glass and    no    tea    -    not    to    mention    the    food    on offer!   Bear   in   mind   that   there   are   very   few western or Australasian visitors in the area.

Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort

A   large   hotel   with   very   comfortable   western style   rooms   and   facilities,   at   a   very   reason - able   cost.   Excellent   décor.   The   buffet   break - fast    and    dinner    had    a    huge    selection    of Western   and   Chinese   food.   There   is   also   a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. Unfortunately,   the   hotel   does   not   serve   any lunches   –   note   even   in   a   small   café,   but   I guess   most   guests   are   out   for   the   day.   Eng - lish    is    spoken    at    the    reception.    It’s    in    an excellent   location   but   is   at   least   a   20   minute walk   to   the   park   or   you   can   pay   15   /   20   RMB for a taxi each way..

Blue Sky Hotel

A    modern,    comfortable    hotel    just    off    the main    Sukhbaatar    Square.    We    stayed    there twice   –   once   on   the   16th   floor   and   then   on the   14th   floor.   The   former   was   a   much   bet - ter   room.   We   had   requested   a   non-smoking room   but   noticed   the   ashtray   in   our   room   - fortunately,    it    did    not    smell    too    bad.    The reception   staff   are   very   friendly   and   helpful with    excellent    English.    There’s    an    excellent choice   of   food   for   breakfast.   The   Sky   Bar   is   a great    venue    to    enjoy    a    drink    and    a    snack with   a   wonderful   view   over   the   city   and   hills in the distance. Excellent wifi.

Gobi Discovery Ger Camp

Standard   ger.   New   toilet   /   shower   block   near the   main   building   but   less   convenient   to   the guests   than   the   old,   unused   blocks.   Can   be very   windy.   A   bit   shabby   although   the   food was acceptable.







This   wonderful   rustic   camp   in   a   stunning   loc - ation,   is   run   by   Esme,   and   his   wife   Moogii. They   are   extremely   friendly   and   made   our visit    a    most    enjoyable    experience.    Esme’s English   language   is   excellent.   The   comfort - able   gers   are   well   decorated   and   even   have   a mirror! The   outside   viewing   terrace   is   wonderful   and very   atmospheric   at   night   when   the   central camp   fire   is   lit.   A   few   minute’s   walk   away   at the   peak   of   the   hill   is   a   stunning   360   degree view   of   the   river,   open   plains,   granite   and woodland   hills.   There   is   a   bench   table   at   the top   so   you   can   enjoy   a   glass   of   wine   whilst watching the sunset over the valley.









Spectacular   location   on   the   east   side   of   Lake Khovsgol   away   from   the   tourist   west   side   -   it is    a    10    minute    boat    ride    but    worth    it.    An ideal   place   to   be   at   one   with   nature.   Very relaxing.   A   rustic   eco-camp   run   by   a   National Park's   ex-ranger,   Tomorsukh,   and   his   exten - ded   family,   all   with   a   will   to   please   guests   nothing   seems   to   be   too   much   effort,   how - ever   they   lack   English   language   so   their   help is    limited.    Comfortable    gers    but    they    are positioned   on   the   north   side   of   the   bay   and hence   go   in   the   shade   by   8pm   whereas   sun - set   is   after   9.30pm.      It   was   very   cold   at   night (about   6C   so   we   had   a   log   fire   that   made   the ger very, very warm).

Three Camel Lodge, Gobi Desert

Listed    in    the    National    Geographic    unique lodges   of   the   world,   it   has   40   hand-painted, traditional   gers   (many   with   ensuite   facilities in     an     adjoining     ger)     and     a     main     lodge designed   in   the   style   of   an   ancient   temple. The   Lodge   bar   has   a   very   interesting   assort - ment    of    books.    They    often    have    evening cultural performances. The   camp   is   owned   by   an   American   Mongo - lian   who   supports   the   local   community   and organises   a   mini   Naadam   every   year.   Very efficient    and    helpful    staff    who    greet    you when   you   return   to   the   camp.   Good   food, but breakfast could be improved.

Terelj Hotel

A   large   5   star   hotel   with   very   comfortable, beautifully    decorated,    western    style    rooms and   facilities.   There   were   few   guests   and   the restaurants    were    closed    so    we    ate    in    the little restaurant off the bar. We   stayed   for   one   night   at   the   end   of   our tour   and   it   was   too   luxurious   to   feel   comfort - able,   having   spent   9   nights   saying   in   gers. Aah,    well,    back    to    the    reality    of    Western hotels.