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China and Mongolia Land of Dynasties

Delger River

Beautiful views in all directions

We   left   our   ger   camp   at   Lake   Khovsgol,   crossed   the   lake   and   drove   120km   /   2.5   hours   south to Muron. En route we passed the geographical 50/100 point (50 o  latitude / 100 o longitude) From   Muron   we   visited   the   ancient   deerstones   at   Ushigiin   Uver   -   these   are   some   of   the most clear examples of stylized Bronze Age deerstones, and are surrounded by a number of Turkic burial mounds.  We   arrived   at   our   Delger   River   camp   for   lunch.   In   the   afternoon,   we   were   dropped   at   a   point upriver   and   canoed   back   to   the   camp   passing   open   countryside   and   granite   rocks.   After dinner   we   climbed   up   to   the   peak   of   the   hill   and   had   drinks   in   the   sunset.   There   is   a   stun - ning   360   degree   view   of   the   river,   open   plains,   granite   and   woodland   hills.   We   sat   in   the evening chatting around the open fire on the viewing terrace. Delger river Together   with   the   Ider   River,   the   Delger   River   is   one   of   the   sources   of   the   Selenge   River.   The source   is   in   the   Ulaan   Taiga   range   close   to   the   Russian   border.   The   Delger   River   is   frozen 128–175 days per year.  During the summer the river is used for canoeing and fishing. Muron Market At   Muron   we   visited   the   market.   For   the   first time   in   our   travels   we   saw   on   sale   all   parts   of animals   including   all   offal,   stomach,   head,   genit - als – not a bit was thown away!