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After a morning at sea we arrived in Aqaba, Jordan’s only coastal city, famous for its warm waters and abundant se alife. In the afternoon we drove passed the 12th Century AD Crusader Aqaba fort (Fortress of Helim) and drove down the coast to the border with Soudi Arabia. Returning to the city, we walked passed the Roman ruins of Aqaba port city Ayla with mud brick remains and is believed to be the site of one of the earliest known churches, dating back to the late 3rd AD. We then walked through the souk and around the town of Aqaba. It was interesting to see the different shops. We also saw the delivery of many green boxes of tobacco, which were thrown off the lorry.
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Beach Barbeque

We drove to Berenice Beach Club, one of the beaches in the Aqaba Marine Park, for a delicious barbeque by the sea. We ate the traditional Sayyadieh fish dish which is garnished with fried onions, almonds and pine and the Knafeh pastry dessert layered with cheese and soaked in rosewater syrup. We were entertained with musicians/singers, dancers, henna painter, rice cookery demonstration and live breadmaking.
Passage through Antiquity A Voyage of Discovery - Jordan