Limassol Town and Agia Napa Cathedral

We visited Limassol Marina, the old town and Agia Napa Cathedral. Unlike other Eastern Orthodox churches that have no seating, this one has wooden pews. It was built in the late 19th - early 20th century on the ruins of an older and smaller Byzantine church and is a unique architectural structure with elements of traditional Byzantine architecture.
Passage through Antiquity A Voyage of Discovery - Cyprus
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City of the Third Crusade

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus. It was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, so during Byzantine rule it was known as Neopolis (New Town). It is largely known by the events associated with the Third Crusade.


In the morning we toured the spectacular ruins of Kourion, a city built in 1200 BC. We saw the public baths, the necropolis, the Fountain House, House of Gladiators and House of Achilles. On the site at Kourion was the 3000 seat Greco Roman amphitheatre that has been completely restored and is used today for open air musical and theatrical performances. Standing in the centre of the stage, your voice echoes around the amphitheatre.
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Temple of Apollo

We continued on to the Temple of Apollo, one of the main religious centres of ancient Cyprus where Apollo was worshipped as God of the Woodlands. It seems that the worship of Apollo on this site began as early as the 8th century BC and continued until the 4th century AD.