Hidden Bay

Stunning Sunset

We cruised to the Hidden Bay - the entrance to the bay is easy to overlook and visits from cruise ships are rare. After lunch, we enjoyed snorkelling on the nearby reef. There were a surprising amount of Crown-of-Thorn, known to be killers of reefs by stifling the corals. In the evening, We had drinks on the sundeck watching the beautiful red sunset.
© Nova Fisher, novatravels.net. Many underwater photos are copyright of fellow travellers, Cory & Gwynn Wiliams

Kaibui Bay

Drift Snorkelling through the Wallace Passage

Aboard Xplorer we cruised amongst the limestone karsts of Kaibui Bay and traversed through the Wallace passage between Waigeo and Gam which Alfred Wallace traversed in 1860 during his travels in the area. About 25 of us stronger snorkelers, did a drift snorkel through the passage of sharp limestone in the very strong water currents and many eddies. The current was so strong we had to be careful not to get too close to the rock edges. It was pretty scary at times. After an hour we were out the other end of the passage, tired but relieved to have achieved this amazing experience.