Mesempta, Misool

Stunning Scenery with Limestone Karsts

We cruised to Mesemta – a 9 hour journey from Yenwapnour during which we listened to presentations on the wildlife and ethnic groups of West Papua. The entrance to Mesemta is through a stunning channel and we had a ‘live drop’ in the Xplorer so that we could view see he limestone karst hills and the ship coming through the channel. Our late afternoon anchorage was in an area surrounded by sharp limestone karsts. We finished the day with a BBQ on the sundeck overlooking spectacular Mesemta with a beautiful sunset. After breakfast, we headed out in the Xplorer in the rain to see at the striking scenery of the Mesemta area. We saw many pitcher plants, native hoya (waxflower), palms and purple orchids. Even though there were short showers we had wonderful views of the coral during the low tide with some corals actually exposed above water.  We then went snorkelling, diving and kayaking.

Wagmab Island

Over lunch, we cruised into one of the prettiest anchorages in the Misool archipelago at beautiful Wagmab Island, where we snorkelled and dived in the excellent coral gardens with its steep underwater walls.
© Nova Fisher, Many underwater photos are copyright of fellow travellers, Cory & Gwynn Wiliams