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From Bali to Borneo



Sulawesi was formerly known as Celebes. One of the four Greater Sunda Islands, and the world's eleventh-largest island, it is situated between Borneo and the Maluku Islands. In Indonesia, only Sumatra, Borneo and Papua are larger in territory, and only Java and Sumatra have larger populations.


Semanangga Island, home to an amazing variety of people, is an amazing island of houses on stilts with a central greenish recreation area.  There is no land for growing crops.
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This remote and picturesque archipelago of 56 islands is surrounded by an ancient coral reef while on land the volcanic islands are covered in rainforest which are a rich habitat for a variety of wildlife.
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Bitung, on the north eastern peninsula of Sulawesi faces the Moluccas Strait and a stretch of sea that includes the island of Lembeh, a paradise for divers.
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Bunaken National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity situated near the centre of the Coral Triangle. The park was established in 1991, as one of the first of Indonesia’s growing system of marine parks with 300 types of coral and over 3000 species of fish. We did drift snorkelling over the coral reef and saw an abundance of fish.
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  The port town of Toli Toli has 215,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by lush green mountains in which are grown clove trees. It is off the traditional cruise routes having only 2 ship visits a year and about 15 yachts.
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Fish are the primary source of food for the islanders.