Nova Fisher,
Total Solar Eclipse of 2016
From Bali to Borneo


‘Menjangan’ is a Balinese word meaning ‘deer’ and indeed the deer roam freely on the island. Although it is just a small uninhabited island, Menjangan Island is never empty from visitors as Hindu people almost every day go there to pray in the holy temple on this island. The 8km wide Menjangan Island is surrounded by hectares of excellent coral reef. Situated in the protected marine reserve of the Bali Barat National Park it has a very diverse eco biology and marine life. As the island comes under the jurisdiction of the national park, obtaining a permit and hiring a guide is essential. The marine life was amazing; the variation in coral colours and types and number of fish in particular. The Menjangan resort, set in 382 hectares, is a peaceful retreat located in the heart of the unspoiled Bali Barat National Park on the stunning north west coast of Bali. Menjangan deer frequently visit the beach to lay in the water to cool down. The Bali Barat Park onsists of primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, lowland rain forest, savanna, sea grass vegetation types, coral reefs, sandy beaches and both shallow and deep sea waters with an average temperature of 30C. The resort is relaxed, casual and quiet, with excellent snorkelling on site at Bajul bay, and snorkelling/diving off Menjangan Island. We also did kayaking and went for a nature trail walk, where we saw the rare Bali starling I became a certified PADI Open Water Diver here.  It was a great place to learn to dive – Ben is a most amazingly patient and thorough instructor.  I was very nervous but Ben was very understanding and put me at ease, whilst ensuring that I did things properly. Ben made the dives fun and relaxing by showing me various fish, especially Mother Nemo fish who pecked at his mask to warn him away from the babies – a sight that will remain with me forever. We hovered for some time watching a large green turtle eat the coral. I wish we had stayed longer to do more dives off Menjangan Island.