Otago Peninsula

Walks and Wildlife

The Otago Peninsula stretches along the southern edge of the Otago harbour. It has been described by internationally acclaimed environmentalist David Bellamy as the “finest example of eco- tourism in the world”. Otago Peninsula is home to New Zealand Fur Seals, rare Hooker’s Sea Lions, Yellow-Eyed Penguins, and the only mainland Royal Albatross colony anywhere. It is also home to the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.

Royal Albatross Centre

The Royal Albatross Centre provides wildlife and cultural tours of Taiaroa Head where you can visit the world’s only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross, the historic Fort Taiaroa and see the Little Blue Penguin colony at Pilots Beach.

Sandymount circuit 

The loop track begins at the car park at the end of Sandymount Road. The car park and walk provide spectacular views of Otago Peninsula’s coastline and cliff tops. The walk takes you to the Chasm and Lovers Leap (don’t look down if you don’t have a head for heights), with a side track to Sandymount summit. Another marked route provides alternative access to Sandfly Bay.

Tunnel Beach

Best to visit this at low tide. It’s a twenty minute steep downhill walk from the car park on Tunnel Beach Road through private farm land . There’s an amazing sandstone sea arch and cliff s with a man-made tunnel to the secluded beach with fossil filled cliffs on all sides. The beach is fantastic for a discovery adventure where you can enter tunnels and explore the caves. The water crashing against the sandstone cliffs and swirling around the arch sets the scene for fantastic imagery.
NEW ZEALAND Otago Peninsula