the site of the first allied

victory in the Pacific

Located on the Milne Bay coastline, Alotau played an important part in World War II and relics of the war can still be seen in the area. Home to around 900 American and Australian troops during the conflict, Alotau saw significant battles between Japanese and allied troops during an attempted invasion by the Japanese fleet in August 1942, and it was the site of the first allied victory in the Pacific. We went on a trip to the local village of Wiole, which is special in that it is inhabited not by locals but by migrants from Morima village on Fergusson Island. There was a traditional welcome dance and we walked around the village for some birdwatching. We travelled on to Wahuhuba Ba, the site where Japanese crafts landed to advance inland against the Allied forces before heading back into town and uphill to the Top Town Lookout for a view over the town and Milne Bay. We saw the Alotan War Memorial and then went north to the Turnbill War Memorial.