Site of the Perouse


Vanikoro, part of the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands is an ancient volcano with old lava flows still visible.  It receives over 5000 mm of rainfall yearly. The French Explorer Jean-Francois de la Perouse became stranded In 1788 after both his vessels – La Boussole and the Astrolabe – hit the then unknown reefs of the island. Most of the crew of La Boussole were lost. Some of the survivors of Astrolabe salvaged enough to build a small ship and sailed away. Two survivors remained on the island into the early 1800's. The mystery of the lost La Perouse expedition captured the imagination of the European public. Vanikoro once had the largest amount of kauri trees in the Solomons, but they have mostly been logged. We were greeted by a party of villagers who came into the see to welcome us. We then walked to Paeu village for a welcome ceremony of music, dancing and singing. We enjoyed a nature trek guided by a local villager who explained about their lifestyle and crops.